The Silver Tongued Archaeologist



  • High Concept: Silver-Tongued Archaeologist
  • Trouble: “I’ve gotten out of way worse scrapes than this.”
  • 3: The Past is My Livelihood
  • 4: The Right Thing To Say
  • 5:


  • Careful:
  • Clever:
  • Flashy:
  • Forceful:
  • Quick:
  • Sneaky:


  • Five Minute Friend (SotC 182)
  • (Two more Stunts available before reducing refresh.)

1: O
2: O
3: O

2: Mild:
4: Moderate:
6: Severe:

Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3


When the dinosaurs invaded Los Angeles, the Archaeologist was the one everyone turned to. He’s always known a lot about the past and how to dig up information. The thing is, information about the past isn’t the only thing he can dig up; he’s a charmer, no two ways about it, and his silver tongue has served him well all those times he’s had to go into dangerous territory in search of fabulous idols.

The Silver Tongued Archaeologist

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