The Clairvoyant Scholar



  • High Concept: The Clairvoyant Scholar
  • Trouble: Everyone’s a Skeptic
  • 3: Three Moves Ahead
  • 4: World Wise
  • 5:


  • Careful:
  • Clever:
  • Flashy:
  • Forceful:
  • Quick:
  • Sneaky:


  • Psychic (SotC 177)
    (Two more Stunts available before reducing refresh.)

1: O
2: O
3: O

2: Mild:
4: Moderate:
6: Severe:

Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3


Gifted with the ability to see glimpses of the unknown and to read minds, the Scholar has dedicated his life to solving the mysteries of the world. He has travelled far and wide studying ancient lore and forgotten religions, going where his visions take him.

He tried to warn the other Centurions of the impending dinosaur invasion; he saw it coming three days in advance. Nobody believed him though.

They do now.

The Clairvoyant Scholar

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